Wordless Saturday? No? Well how about Bay Bridge at Night then…

On the way back from Napa, I decided to stop at Treasure Island for a few shots of the SF Skyline.  I saw these views though the trees on my drive over to the viewing area and decided to try to grab a few shots.  These are not my best work, but I was trying to shoot and look out for the authorities since I was parked in a no parking zone, and walking along a dark twisty road where and climbing over guard rails.  I’ll go back one evening and try for better shots, but wanted to share these for today.

I liked the glow on the water and the different colors of the lights along the span in this shot.

Exposure: f/11 at 30s, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm@38mm



I liked this one in black and white, it captures the form and lights instead of the distractions of the colors.

Exposure: f/22 at 20s, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm@43mm



I wanted a long exposure of the traffic coming out ot the tunnel on the say to San Francisco.  I really like the red, white, and blue colors of the lights in this.  I was so worried about the cops pulling up and driving me off that I didn’t realize that the camea saw some of the lights as blue!

Exposure: f/11@10s, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm@50mm



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5 thoughts on “Wordless Saturday? No? Well how about Bay Bridge at Night then…

    • Thank you very much! I haven’t been shooting as much lately, been focusing on work. I did get a chance to get into the studio last weekend and to get out the weekend before that so new posts will be coming soon. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

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