Asiana 214

Less than 24 hours ago there was a plane crash here at San Francisco International Airport.  We were in the middle of lunch when a friend sent me a text message about the crash.  Being that I am such an aviation buff and also very passionate about photography, I needed to go “see what I could see” with my camera. I’m not quite sue how I feel after seeing…

As we finished eating, I thought through the various locations that I might attempt to scope out what was happening at the airport.  The following shots are what I saw.  My heart and prayers go out to those who suffered and lost their lives in this incident as well as their families.

This is the scene when we arrived.  United 885 still holding for 28L after Asiana 214 came down right in front of it.

Asiana 214 1









The burned out wreckage of Asiana 214 without the tail, rudder and landing gear.  Thank goodness that all passengers made it off of the plane.  The two teenage fatalities were discovered outside of the plane.

Asiana 214 4












This is a shot of one of the landing gear trucks laying on it’s side.  The gear appears to have been ripped off of the plane as it skidded after clipping the seawall.

Asiana 214 3









This is the rudder of the tail section that separated from the aircraft after it clipped the seawall during landing.

Asiana 214 5









You can hear the Tower communication with the flight before and after the crash here on Soundcloud.

You can get more details about ongoing events surrounding Asiana 214 here though these Google search results.

You can follow the NTSB’s investigation progress here on their site at

With the NTSB onsite, we will hopefully know more about what actually happened and why.  This will provide some time to determine how to keep these things from happening in the future.

Again, my prayers go out to all of the people and families impacted by this tragedy.




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