Memorial Day 2014

A few images from past Memorial Days as a tribute to those to keep us safe.

PhotoFriday Challenge: Water

PhotoFriday Challenge: Water

Sitting on The Patio this afternoon, enjoying some wine, I noticed that there was water dripping from our neighbor’s patio above. The way the sunlight caught each drop as it splattered caught my eye and I, of course, brought out the camera. This was the result. It reminds me of fireworks!

Asiana 214

Less than 24 hours ago there was a plane crash here at San Francisco International Airport.  We were in the middle of lunch when a friend sent me a text message about the crash.  Being that I am such an aviation buff and also very passionate about photography, I needed to go “see what I could see” with my camera. I’m not quite sue how I feel after seeing…

As we finished eating, I thought through the various locations that I might attempt to scope out what was happening at the airport.  The following shots are what I saw.  My heart and prayers go out to those who suffered and lost their lives in this incident as well as their families.

This is the scene when we arrived.  United 885 still holding for 28L after Asiana 214 came down right in front of it.

Asiana 214 1









The burned out wreckage of Asiana 214 without the tail, rudder and landing gear.  Thank goodness that all passengers made it off of the plane.  The two teenage fatalities were discovered outside of the plane.

Asiana 214 4












This is a shot of one of the landing gear trucks laying on it’s side.  The gear appears to have been ripped off of the plane as it skidded after clipping the seawall.

Asiana 214 3









This is the rudder of the tail section that separated from the aircraft after it clipped the seawall during landing.

Asiana 214 5









You can hear the Tower communication with the flight before and after the crash here on Soundcloud.

You can get more details about ongoing events surrounding Asiana 214 here though these Google search results.

You can follow the NTSB’s investigation progress here on their site at

With the NTSB onsite, we will hopefully know more about what actually happened and why.  This will provide some time to determine how to keep these things from happening in the future.

Again, my prayers go out to all of the people and families impacted by this tragedy.




Terracotta Warriors Exhibit at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum

I had a chance to visit the Terracotta Warrior Exhibit just before it left the US and it was wonderful chance to see some of them since I didn’t have the opportunity to when I visited China in 2008.

It was a fun challenge to shoot in the galleries, as photography was allowed with no flash.  The lighting was very low and since it was the last few days, the galleries were crowded.  I prefer to shoot at ISO 100, to minimize grain/noise, and that makes it even more of a challenge in low-light conditions.

The following images were taken under these conditions, I hope to one day have the opportunity to visit them in China in person.


You can see all of the images, and higher resolution images, on my site at:































































































































I also tried my hand at putting together a movie with these images here:

The music is:

  1. Dragon Heart

Copyright Bandari  (













Instagram vs. Lightroom

Over the last year or so, I’ve been shooting more and more with my iPhone.  I feel that I’m not being true to the art of photography when I do this, but then I tell myself that it’s not about the camera, it’s about the photographer.  So today when I saw some roses and decided to take a few shots (a drive-by, quick shots and run) after editing and posting them with Instagram and posting them to Facebook, I decided to take the same images and see what I could “get out of them” in Lightroom.  The results, and comparisons are pretty surprising, after this I will certainly take the iPhone camera more seriously.  The limiting factor in quality seems to be the iPhone editing app, not so much the quality of the camera itself.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Original iPhone JPEG image, the edited Lightroom image and the edited Instagram image.  I’m impressed with the quality of the iPhone camera in the original images.  I like the quality, flexibility and control, that I get with Lightroom’s editing, and I like the framing and the deeper saturation of colors with Instagram.  I do not like that I cannot get a RAW image out of the iPhone camera, that would give me much more flexibility, and image quality upon editing in Lightroom, and I don’t like the loss of image quality from the Instgram filters.


Peach Rose – Original -> Lightroom -> Instagram

IPhone Roses Original1IPhone Roses1IPhone Roses InstaGram1



Yellow Rose  – Original -> Lightroom -> Instagram

IPhone Roses Original4IPhone Roses4IPhone Roses InstaGram4



Peach Rose 2 – Original -> Lightroom -> Instagram


IPhone Roses Original2IPhone Roses2IPhone Roses InstaGram2


Pink Rose – Original -> Lightroom -> Instagram


IPhone Roses Original5IPhone Roses5IPhone Roses InstaGram5


Tick Tick

Yesterday marked the 2nd birthday that my Dad would’ve had since his passing in 2010, he would’ve been 87.  To my Mom, he was “Sweetie” to so many others, he was “Jack” or “Mr. Jackson.” To me, he was Tick Tick.   I called him that because he used to wear a pocket watch and would hold it up to my ear and say “Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!…” When I learned to speak, he became “Tick Tick!” from then on and forever.

He was so many things, and so much more…

Husband – A very good husband to my Mom. I hope that I can be as good of a husband if I get married again some day.

AutoImport 26


Father – To me and my siblings.  My Mom and Tick Tick married in 1969, So we were lucky enough to have both Tick Tick and Daddy, Willie Jenkins, in our lives.  Two incredibly great men and role models.

AutoImport 28


Cook – Tick Tick cooked very well, I guess he learned to cook in the Navy.  He told me that he used to cook for the officers on the ship.  I’ll bet they enjoyed his food as much as we did.  My favorites of his included broiled steaks, fried fish, especially catfish, and sweet potato pies.  And I can’t forget his barbecue sauce, which he made with beer.

HandyMan – One year, he remodeled the bathroom which included new lighting, bathtub & enclosure, toilet, sink and floor.  It was huge project and it was done well.  He always had a great set of tools, which I raided from time to time for my bike, and later on, car projects.

Driver – Wow, I have so many wonderful memories around Tick Tick & driving and busses.  He was a bus driver for DSR (Detroit Street Railways) and later D-DOT (Detroit Depart of Transportation)  My earliest cool memories involve the couple of times i got to go to work with him and ride along on his route, some days coming home from school (grade) and seeing a bus parked in front of the house! (he’d be home on his break), driving on trips (car and bus) to countless destinations, Cedar Point, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Atlantic City, King’s Island, Mackinaw, etc.  Such good times, he was an expert driver and loved to travel.  When we were’t going places on the bus, we were traveling by car.  I’d been to most of the continental states by the time I started high school.

AutoImport 27


Photographer – Tick Tick always had a camera, video & still. He was constantly shooting pictures and video or tips, holidays and family get together, vacations, church functions, pretty much everything. He really loved to shoot and edit video.  I kind of dabbled with still photography in the early digital days and even a little bit with film, but  I didn’t get the photo bug until about 2007. By then I began to understand and relate to his passion for the art.  I hope that he is looking down and approves of my efforts.

Church – Tick Tick was very active in our church, he spent much of his time taking care of the business of the church from starting the Credit Union and Travel Club, to being head of the Trustee Board, participating on the Joint Board, to making sure that the busses and vans were operational, to making sure that the money was counted on Sundays and at the bank on Mondays.  Thanks to him and my Mom, who was church clerk by the way, I got to see and understand the inner workings of the church from the business side as well as the spiritual side.

These are just a few of the many facets of Tick Tick.  My Dad.  I am so blessed and fortunate to have had him and so many other great people in my life.

Well, this IS a photo blog post, and I am a photographer, so I’ll also include some of my images too…

At the end of last year, I visited a battleship, the U.S.S .IOWA,(The Big Stick) that’s here in the Bay Area for restoration before going to museum duty in Southern California.  While visiting this ship, I couldn’t help but think about Tick Tick and the time he spent in harms way.



At Tick Tick’s funeral, I was awed and filled with such pride that the Navy would send 3 Seaman out to present the flag to my Mom.  It was an unexpected and proud moment.



I also captured some video of the flag presentation which I’ve tried to cleanup a little bit, you can see it at the following link:

When I was home in Detroit last Christmas, my Mom and I visited Tick Tick and I got a chance to see the headstone at his grave.  It is the same type of grave stone that fallen warriors have in military memorial cemeteries.  I like the look and I was happy to get some great hero style shots on a cold, clear Michigan afternoon..

Tick Tick Headstone 2


And so, there it is, my chance to pay tribute to a Tick Tick on his birthday and to remember and laugh and cry a little bit in celebration of his life.


Go Niners!

The San Francisco 49ers are in the NFL playoffs this year and in tribute to them, some of the building and monuments in the city have been lit up in the Niners colors, red and gold.  I got a chance to get up to the city one night this week, before the rain started and to get some shots of City Hall.  Hopefully the Niners will win today and I have a chance to shoot both Coit Tower and the skyline next week once the rain ends.

GoNiners 2

GoNiners 3

GoNiners 4

GoNiners 1

Wordless Saturday? No? Well how about Bay Bridge at Night then…

On the way back from Napa, I decided to stop at Treasure Island for a few shots of the SF Skyline.  I saw these views though the trees on my drive over to the viewing area and decided to try to grab a few shots.  These are not my best work, but I was trying to shoot and look out for the authorities since I was parked in a no parking zone, and walking along a dark twisty road where and climbing over guard rails.  I’ll go back one evening and try for better shots, but wanted to share these for today.

I liked the glow on the water and the different colors of the lights along the span in this shot.

Exposure: f/11 at 30s, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm@38mm



I liked this one in black and white, it captures the form and lights instead of the distractions of the colors.

Exposure: f/22 at 20s, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm@43mm



I wanted a long exposure of the traffic coming out ot the tunnel on the say to San Francisco.  I really like the red, white, and blue colors of the lights in this.  I was so worried about the cops pulling up and driving me off that I didn’t realize that the camea saw some of the lights as blue!

Exposure: f/11@10s, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm@50mm



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A Stroll Through the Haight


Sunday was a great day here in the Bay Area and it turned out to be a great day to check out the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco.  I haven’t spent a lot of time in the neighborhood except at a great music store, Amoeba Records.  So, it was quite a treat to check it out up close and personal with my camera.  While there were certainly many interesting people and things happening along the street, the main focus of the photowalk was architecture.  So, I shot several images of architecture that caught my attention during the walk. Here’s one of my favorites of the day.   More from the walk are posted in this gallery.

Exposure: 1/80 at f/11, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm Macro @ 38mm


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Veterans Day

A quick post to pay tribute to the men and women, past and present, who put heir lives in harm’s way for us on this Veterans Day.

Thank you.


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