Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Well, no bears or tigers but there were lions!, but that’s title that came to mind…although this week, it could definitely be related to the baseball and football games I’ve checked out.  The Detroit Lions against the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Tigers against the Texas Rangers…

Anyway, enough of that.  I took some time off from work to vacation with my Mother and Sister in Florida last week and it was excellent to see them and spend time together.  During that week, on Sunday October 2nd, was the Annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk.  I usually participate here in the San Francisco Bay Area, but since I was going to be in West Palm Beach, FL, I decided to see if there was anything photography related happening over there.

I have to say, YES there was!  I met some really cool people AND was fortunate enough to take pictures at a local safari park.  It was my first time at such a park, and I’d packed some long glass in anticipation (170-500mm)  It turned out to a great day with lots of animals that I’d never seen before.  It gave me a chance to check out the area and see what happens around there.  I will definitely have to make it back over there for more shooting time.

This was my first shot just inside the fence of the reserve, shot from the driver’s seat of my car…

LionCountrySafari 2

Yes, there WERE lions.  There was quite a bit of protection between us and them.  They were indeed wild and it was a pretty interesting experience being so close to them in the “heightened state of security”…

LionCountrySafari 6

I liked this as a black and white portrait.  I was so busy shooting, I didn’t do a very good job of understanding what the names of the animals I was shooting were.  They gave each car a CD which is you were driving through at a regular pace (and not stopping as much as I was to take pictures) it would narrate the drive through the entire park.  Since I (1) didn’t have my laptop to copy the disc to an .mp3 or (2) stop shooting early enough to get to the gift shop and buy one, I don’t actually know what all of the animal names are, but I still had a good time and enjoyed shooting in the park.

LionCountrySafari 8

I tried to compose the shots to eliminate as much of the “hand of man” as possible.  I wanted the resultant images to have the “feel” of being in the wild.  After a while, I began to feel acclimated to the park and it was a pretty interesting and peaceful feeling.  Maybe I do want to try a real safari some day…

LionCountrySafari 22

The Rhinos and Zebras were pretty cool too…

LionCountrySafari 23

And the Giraffes too!…How’s this for a portrait?

LionCountrySafari 27

Well, that’s a few of the shots from my PBC Meetup/Scott Kelby Photowalk day, which also happened to be my birthday.  It was a pretty good day and I managed to be shooting something new and fun as well as meeting cool new photographers while on vacation with my family.

It really couldn’t get much better than that.

I hope you enjoy these, I had a blast getting out and taking them.






6 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

  1. Your animal shots were exceptionally good. Way to go! I am in Kauai now, just got back from north shore, and my animal to offer up is a rooster. The whole island is filled with wild roaming roosters! See ya..glad you had a good time with family and travels. Barb

  2. Lol… okay, the title might be a little misleading but somehow Lions, Tigers, And Tortoise just doesn’t sound as exciting. 😉 Nice shots Jonathon… especially the giraffe. Cute!

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