A Good Source of Calcium…

Well, while walking through the grocery store today, I was struck with a bit of nostalgia. I’d planned to post something different today but as soon as I saw these boxes of animal crackers and my mind went back, I decided to buy a box to take some pictures and, of course, to eat a few.

It’s funny how our minds work, seeing these red and yellow boxes with splashes of blue and white brought me back to those times as a child I spent with my God Mother (Daddy’s Mama) and God Father (Daddy) eating these animal crackers. So I found a nice clean box and popped it into the shopping cart.

Earlier this evening, I setup my “product studio” (seen below) to take a few shots of the box and crackers. Here’s an iPhone shot of my lighting setup. I used both of the white backgrounds during the shooting. The initial shots used the far background and the last few shots with the cookies used the setup you see here with the close background.

Exposure: 1/120 at f/2.8, ISO 64 – iPhone

The next few images show what I’d envisioned in the store to highlight the details of box. I wanted the details of the red and yellow, along with most of the animals and words visible. I wanted a round field of blur around the center. I wanted you to see just enough to know and recognize the box, see some of the animals, but not most of the small wording like “Lion, Gorilla, Giraffe, etc.” You have enough to see “Polar Bear and Elephant” although they are a little out of focus. I wanted your eyes to look over the whole image and seeing “Polar Bear”, but not “Lion” causes you to look at each of the animals all around the image. And all while you’re looking through it, you see the bright reds and yellows with the splashes of blue and white. Overall, I wanted a hint of acknowledgement with a bit of curiosity too.

Exposure: 1/100 at f/4.5, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm @ 40mm

With this image, I wanted to have a lower perspective of the box. This caused me to have to place the camera lens right at the level of the table top. I ended up shooting away from the edge in-order to shoot “up” at the box. I also wanted to get a smaller field of focus around the center of the box, keeping the words “Good Source of Calcium” and “Barnum’s Animals” fairly clear. In this shot as in the one above, I also wanted to catch at bit of reflection to give the image some depth.

Exposure: 1/320 at f/3.2, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm at 50mm

In this final image, I wanted to show a few of the cookies and a bit of the colors of the box too. This image serves as supporting image to the two above. Since you’ve already seen a “more detailed box” and have an idea of what’s inside. Now, I’m showing you a little of what’s in the box and placing them in front of it, without drawing your focus away too much from the crackers themselves.

Exposure: 1/160 at f/4.5, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm at 50mm

Well, that’s it for today’s post. I’ve also changed the size and resolution of the images in hopes that they are much clearer.

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2 thoughts on “A Good Source of Calcium…

  1. Really impressed with the planning and thought you put into this shoot and the great outcome is well deserved.
    P.S. Nice home-studio set up. I’ve always wanted to make something like this but never got round to (or been able to afford) it. Good form! 🙂

    • Thank you. It all started from that initial walk info the grovery store. As I shopped, I thought more about how I wanted to “see” the box, and by the time I got home, I already had several shots in mind.

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