I’ll Love You Forever…

Have you ever heard of the “bridge of locks” in Paris? Or it’s real name, Pont de l’Archevêché. Well I hadn’t. As I was walking to get the a few shots of Notre Dame that I’d missed on previous visits to Paris, I stumbled across this bridge with the railing covered in locks. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but I certainly liked the idea of shooting it. It seems that couples place locks on the railing to symbolize that their love for one another is “locked in” I found a lock that was pretty cool, so I thought that it would be my posting for today.

Exposure: 1/400 at f/2.8, ISO 100 – Sigma 18-50mm

Blog: https://jljfoto.wordpress.com
Site: http://jljfoto.com
Fine Art Site: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jlj-photography.html


4 thoughts on “I’ll Love You Forever…

  1. Style.
    “Photographic style”.
    Even if this had not been watermarked,
    I would still have suspected it was yours

  2. Interesting shot Jonathon. Nice composition and dof. Here in Seattle, we have The Gum Wall. It is covered by… eew… chewed gum. I definitely like the Bridge of Locks concept much better. 🙂

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