Pentax 10-17mm Fish Eye

I wrote an earlier post about my first rental from where I rented the LensBaby Composer. My most recent rental was a Wide Angle Fish Eye lens that I wanted to get some experience with. There have been several times that felt I “needed” a wider lens when out shooting, such as when trying to shoot a tall building (Notre Dame Cathedral) or a wide open space, but now after having a chance to go shooting with it for a week, I’m not sure that if is the right lens for those situations. I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to rent and try out the lens instead of spending the $500-$600 for it first and then discovering that it has limited use for my kind of shooting.

I was able to get some pretty interesting shots with the lens, and I’ll share some of them with you.

The first set consists of my first few shots with the lens. A buddy of mine was DJing at a lounge, Azul (another post for another day), in San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to get some indoor shots as well as portraits.

I also took the lens out and about with me on Sunday while shooting in San Francisco. Here’s a shot of the Mighty Golden Gate from that outing. No, the lens unfortunately doesn’t desaturate everything but the photo subject. It was done courtesy of Lightroom.

Here are a few product shots I took of the lens before returning it yesterday.

All in all, this was a great rental. I spent $39 instead of $500+, to get a new look through the viewfinder and, most importantly, got out to shoot in beautiful locations and situations.

I hope you have a great shooting day today!

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6 thoughts on “ Pentax 10-17mm Fish Eye

  1. Lens definitely has impact for the lounge scene…It’s a lovely shot I think even w/o lens….GG image excellent….Haven’t used selective color in LR yet…Didn’t realize I could do it so focused in split toning…. I’d love your help there!

    • Thanks Barb, I can certainly show you how to do the selective coloring with Lightroom. Maybe I’ll create a step by step post on it for that particular image. At any rate, we can spend some time on it when we’re taking a look at Lightroom next week.

  2. You are so right about the rentals, such a great way to try before buying. I love the Golden Gate Bridge, what a great view. The lounge is great. I suppose restaurants could benefit from these type of wide angle shots for their marketing.

    • Yes, I am so glad that they started carrying Pentax lenses. There are fewer lenses, but they are very good quality so they end up costing quite a bit. It’s a wonderful opportunity to check it our for a bit and also if I ever need one for a special shoot, I can simply rent it when I need it. Thank you, I was there and saw many other photographers all who were looking for that “one new persppective” of the bridge. I don’t think any of us got something unique, but I had fun shooting with the lens and with that perspective.

  3. Thanks Jonathon for your posts on these rental lens. It’s good to see the results. Love the Golden Gate Bridge shot. Very interesting perspective and capture of the bridge’s reflection in the puddle. I’ll have to check to see if we have a shop like that here in Seattle.

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