Dragon Lounge

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an evening with a good buddy of mine at the Dragon Lounge on Taraval in San Francisco. He introduced me to the lounge last year, and I really enjoy it because it’s a nice quiet neighborhood bar, with great staff and patrons. I wanted to share a few shots from that visit in today’s post.

I shot this from outside of the bar while my buddy and I were enjoying a cigar, actually the majority of the shots are from outside as cigars can take a bit of time to enjoy.

The inside of the bar, note the rich drink selection.

Yes, I stood on a bar stool for this shot (yes, I was sober and no, I didn’t dance)

It’s almost the shot I wanted, but I didn’t have a lens wide enough to get enough of the bar at the bottom of the shot.

Another shot from the outside of the bar. I liked the focused view of the patrons through the window.

The SF MUNI L line rolls by on a regular route just past the lounge. I liked the reflected light on the train as it stopped at the corner.

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