France Flowers

Well, I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. It’s been an interesting time since returning home. It has been good, but I miss the Loire valley. My visit to France was incredible and I saw some wonderful things, the beautiful countryside, lovely chateaux, I met most wonderful people, stayed in a 17th century house, ate lots of new and interesting food, sampled many, many great wines, drove over 6000 kilometers, and shot over 6800 images. What a month!

Well, I hadn’t quite remembered the challenges of such a drastic time zone change, but I think I’m pretty much recovered now. Time to get back on the blogging horse!

The flowers were starting to bloom during my last week there and I spent some time in the garden and also with the flowers at the chateaux. I wanted to share a few of those images with you today.

This tulip is from the garden at the apartment where I stayed. It was morning; there was still dew on it and soft morning light. I liked the bright red, with the white background of the gate, and the blue and green of the flowers in the background.

Next were the tiny Pear blossoms that were just opening in the back of the garden. They were quite beautiful and I had to spend some time with them.

The yellow tulips were also opening. I caught this shot of the beautiful detail (and dew)

This tiny flower bud hadn’t opened yet, but I loved the color and color.

I saw this pretty yellow flower outside of Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire. The château is beautiful, and this flower was a great introduction to the lovely sights to come.

This beautiful flower was in a setting inside of Château de Chenonceau. This was my first visit to the chateau outside of winter and it was even more beautiful with the blossoming flowers around it.

Well, that’s a few of the beautiful flowers I saw during that last week. You can see more of them in the Flowers Gallery at my site. They are also available as iphone/ipad/computer screensavers and greeting cards under the buy tab.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

12 thoughts on “France Flowers

    • Thank you so much, I really enjoy shooting flowers. I plan to make a trip to the Conservatory of Flowers and the Botanical Garden here in San Francisco next week. I hope there will be lots of beautiful blooms there.

    • Thank you sasi, I’m all of a sudden attracted to the water droplets on flowers and plants. I’d seen them before, but hadn’t really captured any that I liked. Then I started playing around with my reverse macro ring and they started coming to life. Well, I think that means many more early mornings and captures of flowers this spring for me!

    • Thank you! I’m starting to enjoy shooting flowers more and more. I’m now researching where to find a plant identification class in my area. That should give me a little more depth of knowledge about them (hopefully!)

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