Hmm, I get exactly the same strange looks here in France…

As I do back home when people see me holding the camera up while driving…

Well, needless to say, I have taken quite a few images over the last 3 weeks. Many of them have been while driving. Many times when people see me holding the camera while driving I get a curious, scared, or frustrated looks from them. Not one has someone given me the thumbs up and held up their camera too, what’s that all about?

Anyway, enough of the “Photographer behaving badly” stuff and on to the images! I wanted to share a few “France through the Rearview Mirror ” images that I’ve taken along the way. I hope you enjoy them (and appreciate the high danger and looks I endured to get them)

The first is from my visit to Château d’Ussé. It is quite a wonderful site and the Chateau, Chapel, Stables and Caves were all simply great to shoot. Look for those in an upcoming post. I shot this image as I was driving away from the chateau and heading to the next one (Langeais) to size it up before returning the next day to shoot there. You can read more about the history Ussé here.

The next is taken while driving on the Boulevard Charles De Gaulle, heading towards Place de l’Étoile. It is the Grande Arche in the La Défense area. Yes, I was driving, and yes, there was busy traffic, but how about that shot eh? You can read more about the history of the area here and the arche here.

The finale shot is, of course, Mont Saint Michel. It is certainly one of my favorite locations in France (Chenonceau being the other) and I am still so very excited and grateful that I had the opportunity to visit it again, and not only that, but to get the shots that I’ve so sorely wanted to get for such a long time. I shot this as I was leaving the area. The hotel I stayed in was one of the last buildings on the causeway to the abbey, as a matter of fact, I had a full view of it from the window in my room. You may read more about the history of Mont Saint Michel here, and I would definitely recommend a visit to the abbey someday if you have the time.

I hope that you enjoy these images; you can click on each to see it in higher resolution.



8 thoughts on “Hmm, I get exactly the same strange looks here in France…

  1. That’s an incredible shot and view!! I only saw Mont St. Michel with the water (bog, right?) way out. That was an interesting view too.

    BAAD!! the car is stopped, right? GOOOD! I take a number of these too. My other weird always shot is out an airplane window, which happens a fair amount. Great views too.
    I kept missing Calavados. That’s the other reason why my husband should come wth me to France. He has joined club BTW, shakin things up, lots of new people, interesting changes- well that’s another ramble time. Have fun! B

    • Thank you Barb! I’ll tell you the wildest thng about that visit was the tide coming in that morning. The moon was almost full, and as it set, it pulled the tide in and it was rushed in like crazy. I shot a little video of it and will try to post in a blog at some point along with the flickering lights of the Eiffel Tower and some of the countryside.

      I’m glad he joined the club, and I’m hoping he’s enjoying it. I’m looking forward to being back and participating again now that I have a couple of images to submit to the competitions again.

  2. I am so envious of your photos, though not on how you took them. I have to say, I would give you the strange look too. 😉 Looks like you are having a great time in France. I have always wanted to go to France, although it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon. But at least I can visit through your nice photos. 🙂

    • Thanks Emily! The fun is in the taking of the images, right? I hope you get the chance to visit France one day, I am truly enjoying it as I’ve never enjoyed it before. Thanks for taking the time to view and comment on my images, i really appreciate it.


  3. Good shots, and a creative idea. I did a few over the shoulder shots while driving in the country yesterday, didn’t think about using the mirror.

    • I had the idea a few trips ago, looking in the mirror and seeing something interesting. I didn’t really get better at it until the Southwest Trip. Now, I have fun with it. It’s definitely safer when I stop first though!

  4. Jonathon, those are some of the best rear view mirror images I have seen. I’m sure it must be hard to say goodbye. Thanks for your tips on France, my husband is going there for a couple weeks for training, I’m gonna give him my old camera and show him your blog. Thanks for sharing these.

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