Got to “Sleep Fast”…

I’m visiting Mont Saint Michel today.  It’s a fairly long drive from the apartment in Loudun, so. I opted to get a hotel room for the night and drive back in the morning.  My goal was to shoot the abbey from the outside in the evening and in the morning mist.  So far, I caught it at sunset, night and will catch it in the morning provided I can get to sleep quickly and wake up early enough.  I have to do what my Dad used to call “sleep fast” meaning get some quick rest before getting up early to start the day.  He used to tell me that I had to “sleep fast” before a trip, and tonight it seems appropriate.  I do love and miss him very much.

Here’s a map of today’s drive.  Note that Google Maps says that it is about 3 hours and 45 minutes.  It doesn’t account for getting lost…although I managed to stay pretty much on track and not get too lost.

This is the first shot I took of the abbey upon arrival.  It was late in the afternoon and the sun was highly directional, it is one of my “needed” shots that I didn’t get on my first and only visit.  

This is the wonderful sunset.  I had to capture it, there’s something about the sun rising and setting in these trees here in France…

The final shot of the day is a night shot of the abbey.  I couldn’t get any reflections, as there was quite a bit of wind.  I’m hoping for high tide and no wind around sunrise. You can see the newly created gallery here. I will continue to add images a I process them.

So have a great night, day, afternoon or whatever it is where you are in the world.  I’m going to “sleep fast” and get started early in the morning here in France.



3 thoughts on “Got to “Sleep Fast”…

  1. Jonathon,

    I am so enjoying your France travels. France is my favorite place ever and you are going to many places I have ben and I am so appreciative of where you are!

    What a fantastic trip you have had. I took the fast train up to Mont St Michel ! Going to Normandy next? Barb

    • Thank you very much Barb? No, I don’t think I’m going to make it to Normandy this trip. I had to get to Mkmt Saint Michel though. I think I’ll plan to wrap up the trip with a visit to Blois in the mor ing, and then Chenonceau and Chambord on my way to Paris this weekend.

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