Ok, ok, I admit it…It’s the butter…

I think I’ve been fooling myself all of these years into thinking that the difference in the my favorite jambon et fromage baguette was either the ham, cheese for baguette. Although each are very different from what I can get at home, and MUCH tastier, I have to admit that it’s probably the butter. You see over the pas couple of weeks as I’ve been eating my sandwiches during my adventures, I have to admit that the tastiest bites have been when there’s a bit of butter in the mix with the ham cheese and bread. So this morning, I woke up with a craving for bread and butter, personally I think it was for butter and the bread was included so that I wouldn’t eat butter by itself (yuck!) So, yes, as I type this, I have finished my daily oatmeal and working on the coffee and juice while enjoying a baguette with my butter.

Now that I’ve got that confession out, I want to share some images from yesterday’s visit to a local winery. It’s in the countryside between here and Saumur. In this area, there are a lot of underground caves where people used to live. The area was amazing; when I arrived they were bagging wine for today’s market. As interesting as that was, it was even more interesting to explore the underground caves where they make and store the wine. I also got to taste a bit, there’s nothing like fresh cool Chardonnay right out of the tank!

The following shots are from the rest of the cave, yes, truly a cave dug out underground complete with dirt, moss and fungus on the walls. Very cool!

This was their adorable dog who was apparently completely tired out for the day. He lay there patiently while I took several shots.

It was a truly wonderful day. Later I spent some time taking pictures in the garden. I’ll include some of those in a later post.

As usual, you can click on the image to see it in higher resolution and you can click here to see the rest of the shots from the visit.



3 thoughts on “Ok, ok, I admit it…It’s the butter…

    • Thanks, yes I think I have the resolution or quality too low as they are generated from Lightroom. I will look at boosting the quality a bit and see if tha helps. The zenfolio images are full resolution.

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