There is no ‘French Dressing’ in France…

I’m trying to eat healthier; actually, I’ve been eating healthier a few weeks before beginning my visit here. Eating healthier for me includes eating Oatmeal for breakfast each morning, with yogurt, juice, coffee and lately a croissant. For lunch, it’s usually a Jambon and Fromage (ham and cheese) baguette with water and maybe an orange, 100 calorie energy bar for dessert. Dinner has either been more ham and cheese, soup and pasta, or like last night, salad. And no eating after 9 PM.

Which brings me to the title of today’s post. I’ve grown up with “French”, “Catalina French”, etc. salad dressings. I’ve come to enjoy a bit of the sweetness, and sometimes spicy flavors with my salad. Well it seems that the French dressing we all know and love in the states really doesn’t exist anywhere else, and is really not French at all!

When I first decided to have salad for dinner, I was at the grocery store, and was thinking how nice it would be to have “authentic French” dressing! Hah!, I saw plenty of different types of vinegar, and some oil too, Caesar, and something called “Nature” Well I opted for the Nature, it’s tasty, but doesn’t quite fill the craving for French.

It turns out that the French dressing we have a t home was a rough English translation of “Vinaigrette” (Huh?) and kind of took on a life of its own. You can check out more about it here. Click on the images for more detail.



2 thoughts on “There is no ‘French Dressing’ in France…

  1. Lol… I’m not surprised by your discovery. I read some where that the origin of French fries didn’t really come from France either. I think the food companies use this tatic to make us feel like we are eating something exotic and foreign. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Emily, I agree, I think the food companies are taking us for a ride. Although I must say that the french fries herevin France are spectacular and some places even have catsup now. (even the grocery store!)

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