Wet Socks are like (raw) Strips of Bacon

Well, with the first week under my belt, it was finally time to do the laundry. You see, my goal when packing was to bring a few bags as possible, while also bringing as much photography equipment as possible. Hmmm, that left me with about a week’s worth of clothing. So Tuesday when writing this, I was wearing my last clean shirt. Luckily, I’d planned for it to be an “off day” and had already spoken with my hosts about laundry. They (Elise and Jean-Louis) wanted to make sure that I got proper instruction before attempting to use the washing machine, and after being walked through it, I understand why. Here are a few images of the washing machine. I’d never seen a washing machine like this.

As I was removing the first load, I realized that there is no dryer. Hmmm, what to do, what to do? Elise then pointed out the clothes lines over in the garden area. I’ve never hung clothes outside to dry, but there’s a first time for everything! After she showed me how to use the clothespins and hang up my clothes, I was on my way.

I stepped out as the town was having its holiday parade for the end of Carnival (Thanks Bea! ) and there were lots of kids dressed in costumes and music, so I went over for a few shots.

While these clothes dried, and the next load was washing, I headed out to check out the holiday parade outside. There were lots of kids dressed up in costumes and music, mostly drums, and lots of good light for shooting. Here’s a shot of some of the kids in handmade costumes at the end of the parade.

When I returned it was time for lunch. Elise and Jean-Louis invited me to share a light lunch with them. Well, after a lovely meal of white wine, steamed snails, fish fillet, fresh garden vegetables, red wine, cheese, and baked apples, I’d missed most of the sun’s heat and drying air of the day. I had one load left, Jeans and socks…hmmm.

Well, later as it’s getting dark and I’m taking the still very wet jeans and socks off of the line, I had to hang them inside by the radiator to finish drying. For some reason, as I’m peeling the socks apart to hang up, I was struck by how much it reminded me of pulling strips of bacon apart. Strange, yes, but at least it gave me another strange title for today’s post. Obviously, I need to have more experience at drying laundry outside, and I must be missing bacon too…

At any rate, that was my laundry day. I also had a chance to chase the sunrise that morning and to also explore the courtyard for a bit. Here are a few of those images. As with the other postings, you can see a higher resolution image by clicking on the image, and you can see the complete gallery here.


6 thoughts on “Wet Socks are like (raw) Strips of Bacon

  1. hello jonathan,

    we have you been in france?
    Kids costumed might have been catholic carneval season, which ended last wednesday (saint patrick’s day is more irish).

    be:a (friend of lisa and walter, germany)

  2. That is a strange looking washer alright. Although I used to hang my clothes out on a line when I lived in Montreal, Quebec. I think using the clothes line is a foreign thing to do for most Americans.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a very interesting blog. I enjoyed seeing a glimps of the other world through your images. 🙂

    • Thanks Emily,

      I’m enjoying your blog very much too. Yes, some of us Americans (especially me) have never hung clothes to dry outside. This was a first for me, but very good experience. That washer is definitely interesting, it will wash, and then stop. You have to push the button again to start the rinse and spin cycle! Very manual, but a real learning experience for me all the same.

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