Chateau Azay-Le-Rideau

I’d never heard of this chateau in my travels to France but after seeing some of the pictures in the guidebook, I wanted to come and see it for myself. Upon arriving at the chateau and entering the grounds, I could tell that I was in for a treat. I was so struck by the majesty of the chateau that I sat at the first bench inside the entrance for a bit just to take it all in. I’m still not quite sure what it is about this castle, but it felt both familiar and completely new at the same time. I felt hints of my visits to Chambord, and something else that I still can’t quite figure out. Some of the things that stood out for me were (1) the deep contrast between the dark roof and light walls (2) the red windows and doors, they seemed to “pop” right out of the structure and (3) last but definitely not least, the surrounding moat. It was very still water which made for lovely reflections. Here are a few of the images from my visit; you may click on each image to view it in larger, higher resolution.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images, I would certainly recommend a visit to Azay-Le-Rideau if you’re ever in the area. You can find out more about the chateau and its history at:





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