Hmmm, when you look at me that way it does make sense that I’d need my passport…‏

Yesterday was my first “real” day. I woke up with a mission, to explore my first chateau, Chinon. Well, if I was going to get out on the road, I had a few things to take care of (1) I needed to find a boulangerie for croissants, (2) I needed to buy gas for the car, I burned a third of a tank on the way out here from Paris (3) oh yeah, for those other two things, I need some cash. So finding a bank was in order too. As a matter of fact, it should probably come first…

Upon finding a bank and entering (after figuring out how to enter through the security man trap) I go to the teller and preset my traveler’s check. She gets a pained look on her face and proceeds to ask me a couple of questions that I don’t understand and thereby transferring the pained look to me. She then picks up the phone and has a spirited conversation for about 3 minutes. After hanging up, she fills out a form, places it in front of me and says something that was probably close to “avez-vous votre passport?” and what I heard was “la la la la passport?” at which time my the expression on my face turns from pain to anguish. You see, my passport is safely tucked away at the apartment. Yes, it would seem that you might actually need identification when attempting to cash checks in a foreign country, imagine that. I now change to an appropriately apologetic look and shake my head no, and utter “à l’apartement”. Well, I’m done. She sadly shakes her head, takes back her form and pushes the check back towards me. I can do this, really I can…

So, I return, with my passport and a total of three traveler’s checks and the transaction, this time, goes smoothly. Au’ Revior! On to the Boulangerie and grocery store! Those transactions went without a hitch, well ok, perhaps not quite that smoothly. There was a slight bit of fear and confusion when I thought the price of my groceries (oatmeal, yogurt, raisins, baguette, strawberry jam, crackers, and ham & cheese) came out to 88 EUR. The cashier, looking on with confusion as I start counting out 20, 40, 60, 80 EURs chuckles and points to the 13.42 above the 88 and I breathe with a sigh of relief and hand over a single 20 Euro bill.

Now it’s time to get some gas, or gazole, gasoil, or diesel as we call it at the gas station. I didn’t realize that it was a full service gas station, but that worked out well and I simply had to hand over the key to open the gas cap and pay, 35 EUR for a third of a tank.

I get back, eat my breakfast and then decide to head out to the closest town, Chinon, to take some pictures. It was a quick drive and I got a few good shots along the way. I was hoping for nicer sunset shots, but they didn’t really come about. I’ll have to visit again and setup in a different spot for sunset. Here is a shot of the Fortresse de Chinon and another of the beautiful sunset.



2 thoughts on “Hmmm, when you look at me that way it does make sense that I’d need my passport…‏

  1. Jonathon – I am really enjoying your blog! Paris and France is my all time favorite place andI think of it all the time. So how long are you traveling, and what is your itinerary?

    You must be getting so many fabulous pics.. Can’twait to see them! Are you ever coming back to club? We all miss you!

    I am trying to get discussion forums going (blog) on topics – check into it and plz write!! I don’t care if you are away!! Have fun. Barb

    • Hi Barb,

      Thank you so much! I’ll be over here through the end of the month. It is a fantastic adventure so far, and things are so much simpler here. I am planning on returning to the club once I get back home and situated, please say hello to everyone for me. I’ll check out the blog and comment where I can.


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