Good Morning from the French Countryside

Yesterday morning I decided to rise early and meet the sun before it climbed high in the sky. I wanted to see if I could actually catch it as an orange (or red) ball low in the sky through the misty morning. I was dressed, ate breakfast, and on the road by 7:30 AM. It turned out to be a rewarding morning and day overall. As I got out of Loudun and into the fields, I was rewarded with this view. I pulled off of the road onto the grass, got out the tripod and began to shoot. This is my favorite of the group. You can click on these images to get a larger, more detailed, view:

As the sun climbed higher in the sky, I packed up my gear to find more subjects to shoot and was rewarded with a view of this shack in the mist a few kilometers down the road. Again, I pulled over and went looking for the best angle and location to shoot. I particularly like this image because of the “almost” silhouette of the shack and the very faint tree in the distance on the right. What a fun morning to shoot!

I also happened to drive by a small village/town just down off of the road named Messme, according to the sign. I liked the steeple of the church and decided to take a few shots around it and the facing cemetery. I enjoyed the following shot the most of those I’ve reviewed so far.

Again, you may click on each of these images to see a larger and higher resolution image.



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