Is it jet lag I’m feeling or that carafe of cider at lunch?

I had lunch at the crêperie again today. Yesterday, it was a quick lunch at 1:30pm as the restaurants are only open between noon and 2pm for lunch. Today’s lunch was early, around 12:15.

I had a casual morning, doing a shoot of the apartment and the many lovely decorations in the morning light, and then taking a walk to find a store with travel adapters so that I could keep the iPhone, iPad and camera batteries charged.

Yesterday’s lunch at the crêperie was the “daily special”, and given that my French is still “un peu” along with being a bit nervous and flustered upon walking into a crowded restaurant in a foreign land, I pretty much said “oui” when the waitress pointed to the food of the folks sitting next to me. What I got was a small salad, a buckwheat crêpe containing an egg, ham, cheese and a chestnut and a cup of cider. Very tasty, but I’m really not a fan of eggs….

Today, I was determined to “have a crêpe on my own terms!” and not just go with the flow. Before going out, I tried researching crêpe styles and fillings online and pretty much came away with the feeling of you can likely put anything you want in it, but the nutella filling s highly recommended.

Well, none of that for me today. Upon entering, I muttered what I hoped was a correct, “Bonjour!” with a convincing smile and proceeded to sit at the table to which I was directed by the waitress. I politely asked “carte?” and she brought over a menu for me. She also asked me about something to drink and I made a gesture of a bottle, referring to the two different bottles of cider she’d brought for me to select from yesterday. That was apparently the gesture for a larger portion than just a cup, and I ended up with a carafe of cider.

Now, it was time to order food and I was looking for something “sans ouefs” (without eggs) and with meat. After reading through the menu choices, I finally made my selection and proudly announced “La Bretonne” She repeated my order to the cook, and lunch was underway.

After several minutes, with the cook busy at the stove, he signaled for her to pick up the order and this is what she presented to me. Apologies for the bad image quality, it was taken with my iPhone in low light.

The salad was tasty with a nice light oil and vinaigrette dressing and upon taking the first bite of the crêpe, OMG! The flavor of the peppered pork (I think it was pork!), potatoes, and cheese sauce against the flavor of the buckwheat crêpe was sensational. I savored every bite. I had to force myself to eat the salad, which was good, but the crêpe was SO much better!

Well, I’m pretty happy at this point and after finishing, I’m looking over a couple of travel books to decide where the next adventure will be and the waitress comes over to asks about dessert.

Well, I’m not thinking about dessert and Unfortunately, I hear “Dix heures?” instead of “Dessert?” and I give her a confused look. She counters me with a look of “What an idiot! and walks away”. Eventually, I figure it out and when she returns again, I am able to feebly mutter “Dessert, Oui”. Out comes the menu again and I select the “Belle Hélène” dessert crêpe. It’s with chocolate sauce, fresh sliced pears and fresh whipped creme. I was too flustered to take a picture, but will get a shot sometime in the future as it was quite tasty and I plan to have another some day.

Well, that’s it for my adventures today. I got out and took a few shots around town and may post one after processing later. I took this picture of the restaurant after lunch, I certainly encourage you to check it out if you’re ever in this part of the world.



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