Stopover in Washington DC

I arrived in Washington DC yesterday as a stopover on my way to France. After getting some rest, I had dinner with my brother and sis-in-law. After dinner, my brother and I drove over to DC to get some night shots. Since it had just finished raining, I was also looking for an opportunity to catch a few reflections. These shot is an example of what we saw last night. I’ve processed these on the ipad with and will do deeper processing upon getting them into Lightroom.


4 thoughts on “Stopover in Washington DC

  1. Fantastic Shot!! Beautiful exposure…nice technical extras… Color so warm. very sharp! How about showing the technical stats onthis one? B

    • Hi Barb, thank you again! Yes, I haven’t actually processed this with Lightroom yet and posted it on my website, so the metadata details won’t show up yet. I shot this at F11 for 20 seconds at ISO 100. I did my usual method of placing the camera in the puddle to maximize the reflection in the water. All I can say is thank goodness for water resistant Pentax cameras that let me shoot without worries in foul weather!

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