All Alone in Fort Point

I took this last year on a visit to Fort Point, below the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. As I was looking though my images on the iPad today, I saw this and was struck by the single person standing all alone in the middle of the fort, so I decided to make it the subject of my post today.

This was a rainy day photo walk which allowed me to look for and shoot several reflections. This image, while on of the “pack” from that day didn’t really stand out for me at the time, it wasn’t until I had the chance to look at it by itself that I could appreciate the nuance in the shades of lighting and of course the single person in the yard.

I’d love to hear your feelings/emotions when you have some time.



2 thoughts on “All Alone in Fort Point

  1. Very nice image indeed, I like the single person there, I almost didn’t notice it at first, I think the lines running around the top drew my eye away from him/her as the main element. The lighting and shadows work very nicely in the arches and passages.

  2. Thank you! Yes, I didn’t notice the single person for quite a while either. I was actually going after the converging lines and happened to see him and his posture the other day. This was one image in a series from the photo walk that rainy day.

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