Marriott Resort – Shadow Ridge

On the 2nd and 3rd nights of my road trip, I’d booked myself into a Marriott Courtyard in Palm Desert, or so I’d thought. The rate was pretty good, certainly in Courtyard range and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing night after driving down from Solvang, CA.

Well, about the time I got to Riverside, CA and pulled over for gas in the dark. I was ready to get to a place to relax for the night. Unfortunately when I called OnStar for “Directions to the Marriott Courtyard in Palm Desert,” there was none to be found. The only Marriott they had listed was the Shadow Ridge property. “Well, I’ll take directions to that and they can direct me from there…”

Upon arriving at the property, this is what I saw…

Surely this isn’t the property I’d reserved for $120 a night! Well, after going inside, it turns out that it was. Not a bad deal and great surprise after a long drive.

Upon getting my “villa” (studio room), I decided to continue with taking pictures to record some of the lodgings of my road trip, especially since I lucked out at this property.

Here are some of the images of the room. The first 3 shots are of the bedroom:


The bathroom…

All in all a great location and a very nice property. This room left a little to be desired after spending the first night at Hotel Corque, but I would definitely recommend this location and will stay here again.



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