Hotel Corque – Solvang, CA

The first night of my road trip, I booked a room through at Hotel Corque. I’d never heard of it and as there was no Marriott nearby, I decided to stay here, the price was right. Well, I have to say that I wasn’t expecting to find anything very nice and was really pleasantly surprised when I parked and walked into the lobby of this hotel. It was gorgeous, and the staff was very friendly.

After checking in, and going to my room, I was even more pleasantly surprised upon opening the door. I decided to take some pictures of the room because I liked it so much. Here are some of the shots I took that night. The first shots are of the bed:

The bed was very comfortable, clean and stylish. The clock radio was an iHome unit that I could place my iPhone in to charge and play music. Notice in the 2nd shot that there is an alcove and art on the wall. It was complete with a small bench to fill in the space near the floor, very nice appointments!

There was also an easy chair for reading/relaxing complete with a reading lamp and side table. The desk/table also had a couple of chairs and held the coffee pot, water, etc. The final series of shots are of the bathroom. It was nice bright, and very clean and functional. You can see the next two shots are of the shower enclosure while the two shots after that are of the sink area. All very clean and simply furnished but quite stylish.

Yes, there was even art above the bathtub. Very impressive.

The sink and components were very stylish yet simple. They gave the entire bathroom a very nice upscale look and feel.

The sliding door to the bathroom had a nice heavy feel to it without being too difficult to move. I liked the latch mechanism and decided to take a shot of it as well.

So, if you are ever in the Solvang area and are looking for a nice place to stay, I highly recommend Hotel Corque.



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