The Fisherman

I woke up early last Thursday morning before sunrise to “see what I could see” and happened to catch the sunrise here in Foster City, CA. It was one of the few times that I’ve actually photographed the sunrise on the bay side of Foster City (I’ve usually captured it at a bridge over one of the canals or at the lagoon as you can see in the following shots)


Not bad locations to catch the sunrise all in all, but on this morning I ended up at the bay. I wasn’t sure what I’d get, but came away with a handful of images that I’m happy with, especially once I discovered that there was a fisherman off in the distance that morning. Hence the title of today’s post…

When I first got to on location, it was just before the sunrise and the light in the sky was pretty nice. You could tell that the sun was close to rising just behind the hills. It gave a nice even light to the sky and because there wasn’t much wind, the reflection on the water was fantastic. I hadn’t noticed him yet, but you can see that the fisherman is preparing for fishing over to the right of the image.


After a few more minutes of waiting and chatting with a few joggers out for their morning runs, I began to see the sun peeking from behind the hills. The reflections were wonderful and I loved the silhouette of the flying seagull.


Now the sun begins to rise pretty quickly, and the views are changing every few seconds. The next image is perhaps my favorite of this set. It has the rising sun along with the fisherman, and my favorite, the silhouette of the Dumbarton Bridge in the distance. All in all, it was a wonderful morning and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to experience it.

You can view a slideshow I created for these images by clicking here.



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