Clearing out the cobwebs

I received these sets of miniatures for Christmas and I couldn’t help taking some pictures of them before opening and sampling them. I made a makeshift setup on my sister’s basement bar counter. The overheat lights, along with the white Formica and a white sheet of paper made for a great “mini studio”. BTW, i enjoyed the Bacardi Red Peach and 18 year old scotch the best.


4 thoughts on “Clearing out the cobwebs

  1. Jonathon,
    These latest images are very cool. My husband joined club and these are the kind of shoots he likes a lot. he already got kicked out of Draegers for shooting bottles in there! I am forwarding this to him

    So what the deal – Did you drop club and just don’t want to tell me?! Quite a few new people- new energy- new ideas moving club forward. Print competition is getting larger and better images every week… we miss you! Tell me what the plan on club? B

    • Hey Barb,

      No I haven’t left the club. I’m just focused on trying to get my photography together and up and running. I’ll be back later this year, and sooner if possible. Maybe we can put together a class/workshop on setting up lighting. I had to do a makeshift setup for these images, but I think they would’ve turned out a little better if I’d had my equipment and my setup at home.

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