Day 4 – Tokyo, Japan – SOCC Images/iPad

Day 4 brought another visit to Roppongi Hills and also the Tokyo National Art Center’s Van Gogh exhibit. The museum is famous for its architecture and I happened to be there just around sunset. This afforded me some wonderful views from inside and outside the museum. A few clouds started to move in from the ocean and that also helped place some texture in the sky. After leaving the art center I had a chance to visit the Tokyo Midtown Building and Roppongi Hills once again.

Here are a few images from the Art Center…

I happened upon this view of Roppongi Hills on the way to the Midtown Building…

This is a night shot of Tokyo Tower from Rippongi Hills…

As with the rest of the images in this series, these are straight out of the camera, non-processed. This is what I saw through the camera’s viewfinder and with the exposure I was looking for. They aren’t perfect shots, yet, but I will work on them when I’m back home to try and get them that way.

Thanks again for checking these out. I’d like your feedback and impressions on the images. It is always fascinating to hear what and why someone reacts to one of my images.



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