Japan -Day 2 – SOCC images/iPad

The second full day in Tokyo was pretty busy. A tour on the Hato Bus got us to Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, and Senso-ji Temple with a drop off in Akihabara.

The first stop, Tokyo Tower was pretty impressive, loosely modeled after the Eiffel Tower, but a little taller and with a smaller base. The tower was built to support communications around the city. With the larger buildings now built (and being built) a new tower is in the works. Which will be twice as tall. Here are some shots from Tokyo Tower.

Next was the Imperial Palace. We couldn’t enter the gardens, but had a chance to stop and see a bit of the outside.

After that it was on to Senso-ji Temple. Very lively and somewhat peaceful all together. It was very interesting, beautiful and impressive.

Akihabara is pretty much the center of the gadget/electronics universe. I only went to one store, a large – no HUGE! store that was pretty much a Fry’s Electronics times 100, but with the best customer service I’ve ever experienced (yes, even better than Nordstrom’s) for those of you not familiar with Fry’s, it’s a store that has pretty much all electronic components from the individual parts (like at radio shack) to washers, dryers, televisions, cds, dvds, cameras, etc like at Best Buy, Circuit City, ABC Warehouse, Tower Records, Wolf Camera, Toys R Us, Virgin Records, etc… Let’s see if I can put this in perspective for you. If you combined the selection from all of these stores in one place, you might have one tenth of the selection. This store had EVERYTHING and all of it. Prices were not cheap, but hey, they had everything right there. It was 8 floors of solid stuff, and 8 big floors at that. Well anyway, if you like stuff, any stuff, check out tis area and certainly this store and a few others just like it.

As for all of the images in this series of posts (except for the last one) they are unprocessed except for the addition of the watermark. I’ll process the properly upon my return home to bring out the nuance of each one along with the 15 other images I liked, but didn’t share here.

I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I’m enjoying capturing them and I welcome your feedback on what you like and don’t care much for about them.



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