Day 3 – Tokyo, Japan – SOCC Images

The third full day in Tokyo brought an early morning visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market. To say it is busy is an understatement, to call it chaotic would not be fair. It does appear to be chaos to the untrained, uninitiated eye, but after sitting and observing for a while it becomes clear that there is an order to it all, and a definite schedule to keep.

With so much seafood coming in and needing to be unloaded, assessed, sorted, auctioned, cut, packed and delivered, it is truly an amazing ballet to behold. Here are a few unaltered images I captured from this morning’s visit.

Next stop was the Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge

Then on to Roppongi Hills where I saw this nice reflection and another view of Tokyo Tower.

In this series, these images are straight out of the camera with the exception of adding the watermark from my iPad (where I’m posting from). I hope to do some post processing on them upon returning home. I hope you’re enjoying these raw, uncooked, images for the moment and will look for the processed pics later in the month on either of my sites, or Zenfolio



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