Japan Trip – Day 1 – SOOC/iPad Images

Today is my first full day here in Tokyo. I got out a little last night after arriving here in Hatagaya. I got out and had ramen for dinner and then pretty much got hit with jet lag and was asleep about 10 PM last night.

This morning brought nice weather (kind of like San Francisco) and was a good day to do some shooting. I had a chance to shoot in some of the train stations and at the Meiji shrine today.

I brought a laptop with me for backup of my RAW Images, but no processing software (I.e. Lightroom) as I didn’t want the license hassle and most importantly, didn’t want to spend am whole lot of time in front of the computer editing images. The primary focus of the trip is to capture and bring home for processing. The images I share from here will either be straight out of the camera (SOCC) or processed on the iPad to be formally processed through Lightroom upon my return to San Francisco.

Harajuku Train Station

Lots of people out on Omotesando Street on a Sunday morning!

Meiji Shrine

Mumms are the flowers represented in gold at the top of the shrine gates

Parents teach their son about the ritual of cleansing before entering the shrine


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