Rainy Sunday Photo Walk – San Francisco, CA

We had a rare day of “weather” in the Bay Area on Sunday. It was a pretty good weekend for me since we had an amazingly beautiful day on Saturday and a little rain on Sunday, I got a chance to get out on Sunday and take pictures of wet streets, benches and puddle reflections. I enjoy puddle reflections, but there just aren’t enough puddles during the normal summer or “Indian Summer” times here in the Bay Area. Here are a few of the images from the day. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed capturing them. This first image was taken in the Marina, that’s Fort Mason Center in the far distance. Alcatraz would be off to the left in the Bay. I liked the color and “texture” of the rain on the bench with the leading lines to the Fort Mason Center.

The next image was taken at the Presidio of San Francisco. Driving along, I saw this building and had to stop and take a few shots even with the rain. Thank goodness my Pentax is weather resistant!

Since I mentioned reflections, I thought maybe I should include one. This reflection caught my eye and I had to put the camera on the ground, pretty much in the puddle to get the shot. But I’m happy with the results…

This image was also captured at the Marina. I liked this sailboat and what it represented to me, that even with a little rain (as it’s normally very nice weather) San Franciscans were out and about and enjoying their lives and the day.

I have more posted on my new site at http://jljfoto.zenfolio.com and, of course, jljPhoto.com.

I hope you enjoyed these and that they were nice enough for you to want to check out the others. Please feel free to leave a comment about the ones you like and definitely about the ones you don’t care much for.

Thank you so much for checking out my images, Jonathon


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