San Francisco Fleet Week 2010 – Blue Angels

With everything going on this weekend, I didn’t have the chance to attend Fleet Week here in San Francisco. The highlight of which, for me, was the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels. I was fortunate enough though to catch them as they were taking off from San Francisco Airport (SFO) and on their way up to the city to perform and I also decided to hang around for their return to catch a few more shots. These are not perfect, but all-in-all, not too bad. My long lens is a bit soft but has really good reach. Most of these shots are cropped, but not much. Hope you get as much enjoyment viewing them as I did taking them.

Figure 1 – As you can see they lined up while commercial traffic was still going in and out of the airport

Figure 2 – and they’re off!

Figure 3 – Passing the UAL Maintenance Building and heading out pas the sign over South City

Figure 4 – Out of the airport and over South City on the way to work…

The Return…I was able to catch a few more shot of them as they returned from work back to the airport. The city skyline in the background is Oakland, CA.

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