V. Sattui Crush Party 2010

Last night was the V. Sattui Crush Party. It was an amazing event. I also had the opportunity to attend last year and it was, by all means, one of the best events I’ve had the pleasure of attending. From the magnificent food (gourmet pizza, beef, lamb, pork, pasta, chicken, salad, fried rice, and pad thai) to the always incredible selection of wines (over 50, including my personal favorites Madeira, Port and Gamay Rouge), it is simply an amazing value for the money.

The events this year included the following:
– Wine and grape tasting out in the vines (as you can see, it was a beautiful evening for it)

– Cask making

– Grape crushing

– Excellent Live Music

– Fermented Grape Juice Tasting

– and beautiful scenery and happy times!

If you have the chance, I recommend you check out next year’s party. if you can. If not, I always recommend stopping by the winery for tasting and to sample their wonderful deli. It’s an amazing location and it was amazing party. I hope get to enjoy it sometime as much as I did.


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