Fire in the Hills

I walked out of Costco in Foster City this evening to see this really weird “cloud” in the sky. My immediate reaction was “That’s unusual…” When I got to the car and tuned the radio to KCBS, they were talking about a mysterious explosion and fire in the San Bruno hills. The initial reports were that “it had to have been a plane that went down.” After quickly getting home and getting my tripod and long lens, I decided to start heading in that direction to capture some impressions from around the Peninsula. During this time the fire was raging sometimes with flames as high as 200 feet in the air.

Eventually the reports came in that it was a natural gas line that erupted, but as of yet there is still no determination about what caused the rupture. Here are a few of the images I captured of the “unnatural” sunset created by so much smoke in the air.

This is the plume of smoke that I saw after coming out of Costco. You can see that this is completely unnatural compared to the fog just over the top of the hills

Figure 1 – Plume of smoke

Figure 2 – View from the hill near Ryder Park in San Mateo

Figure 3 – Looking West

Figure 4 – Looking West

More information here at SFGATE:

Additional information at SFIst:


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