The weather has been gorgeous here in the Bay Area after the winter (and late spring too!) storms have subsided. It has provided me with many opportunities to find beautiful flowers to shoot. I also visited my family in Detroit over the 4th of July holiday and as summer is in full swing over there (hot and VERY humid) the flowers there were also quite spectacular. I’ve selected some recent images from before, during and after my holiday trip, some as recently as this past weekend to show you. I’d never really paid much attention to flowers, but they were always around growing up because my Mother has quite a green thumb (I didn’t get that trait though). When I began learning to use my camera i shot a few flowers and they seemed to turn out a little better than the other subjects. My flower images also seem to be the ones that bring out the most emotion in my viewers. I hope you enjoy the images I’ve selected for this post, if you want to see more or would like to have prints for yourself, please let me know.

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