2010 San Francisco Pride Parade

I attended the 2010 San Francisco Pride Parade this year. I try to attend if I’m home as it is always a good time. It is almost a uniquely San Francisco event and it is certainly a time of pride for the city. Living in the Bay Area has been a wonderful experience for me. I have met and befriended people from many walks of life. Many more, I think, than if I’d continued to live in Detroit for the last 21 years. The most important thing that I’ve learned while living here is that it takes all kinds of people (ethnicities, personalities, colors, orientations, and pasts) to make the world go around. I was speaking with someone recently and they were annoyed by those to say “I don’t see or recognize color, we are all the same.”. I agree to some extent, however I do believe that we do all share some similarities as humans but the way we were raised, the environments we’ve been a part of, the people we’ve known, the people we think we know, the things we’ve read or heard, etc. All of these things make us who we are, and each of those things are important to our daily lives.

Well, enough with the philosophy and on to the images. These are a tiny number of the images I shot over the day at the parade. I arrived early and shot the groups as they prepared for their “turn in the spotlight” and then walked the length of the parade on both sides of Market Street to capture the crowd. I also went to the Civic Center and shot there. All in all, the weather was beautiful, the people were wonderful and the party was awesome. I hope you enjoy the images I’ve selected. I have many more so if you’re interested in seeing more of them, just let me know.


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