I’ll Miss My Dad

My Dad passed away on the 26th of April. I will miss him a lot and am grateful that he, and all of my family for that matter, are a part of my life.

The past few weeks have been a good time for reflection. It has also been wonderful to spend time with family. Being the youngest of 5 siblings, it is both scary and pretty sobering to realize that I will probably have several more of these tough times to make it through.

To sum it up, I am most fortunate to have had such wonderful fathers and role models in my life. My Mother and siblings are the best that I could ever ask for and I love them each with all my heart.

Now, on to the images…

Flowers, flowers, flowers…there have been so many of them around and after some of the tears have subsided, I got out my 50mm lens and macro ring to “take a walk” through the flowers on hand.

I’ve posted a few here and will also post these and the rest on my website at jljfoto.com

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