San Francisco Botanical Garden – Part 1 – Outside

Last Sunday, I ended up at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. I wasn’t able to get up early and go shooting with my buddies before sunrise, but we were able to make a great day of shooting in San Francisco. When we first entered Golden Gate Park, there was quite a bit of traffic and as I was driving the Impala, the parking situation didn’t look very promising. My mistake for not realizing that the park would be packed on such a beautiful day. Finally, after driving a while past the gate, we found a spot. It took about an hour to walk the 200 feet to the entrance as I kept finding a subject for a “mini photo shoot” about every 10 feet. This post covers the images I took on the way to the entrance. There were some amazing purple and white flowers about 10 feet from where the car was parked, then there were some wonderful trees/roots with excellent contrast, then there were some green leafed plants that were interesting, well, you get the idea… Here are the images…


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