Dailyshoots 119, 120, 121 & 122

I’ve missed several Dailyshoots because work has been pretty intense over the last week.  I took a few minutes this evening to complete #122 and that gave me a chance for a quick relaxing photowalk.  I also gave me the opportunity to chat with a couple of my neighbors about photography.  All in all, it was a pretty good walk.  I managed to take a few shots out and about that I’ve posted here, plus a self portrait for the catch light shoot (#119) that I shot on Sunday evening.  Here are each of the dailyshoots along with the idea for each day. 

ds119 – “Make a portrait of someone with catchlights in their eyes”  That someone is me!

ds120 – “Make a photograph of a tree or plant today.”

ds121 – “Make a photograph that features the number itself or otherwise represents 3 items.”

ds122 – “Grab your camera and walk 2 minutes in any direction. Stop. Find a photo worth making from where you stopped and post it.”


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