My Camera Bag

I read an article late last year in the Digital Photography School Forum about what to carry on a PhotoWalk.  It made me think about the items I carry to be “ready” for whatever I come across during a walk.  As I carry my camera with me all of the time, I need to carry as much as I can, but also consider weight and ease of which I cna get at the equipment.  I also carry a tripod with me sometimes, which is also in a separate bag.  It’s very helpful to have the right equipment with me when I need it.

Here’s what I carry with me every day:

Pentax K20D (not shown) (with battery grip and extra battery)
iPhone (for quick shots) Lens is (wide, lower quality, and w/o controllable DOF)

Pentax 24mm (not shown) f/2 (w/hood)
Pentax 50mm f/1.4
Pentax 50-135mm f/2.8 (w/hood)
Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8

Flash Memory:
3 x 2 GB SanDisk Ex III)
4 x 4 GB (3-SanDisk Ex III, 1 Kingston)
USB SD Card Reader
USB Zip Drive

2 for the camera (yes, for a total of 4)
2 for the iPhone (plus charging cable and wall adapter)

2 x ND4 Filters and 2 x Circular Polarizers (when it’s bright and I need to drag the shutter)

iPhone & Apps:
I regularly use my phone for the following:
Emergencies – telephone, contacts, hospitals (AroundMe App)
GPS & Moving Map & Geotagging
Email/Text/Notes including images
Wide-Angle Camera: Lens is (wide, lower quality, and w/o controllable DOF)
Internet Reference lookup (Manuals, Google, Wikipedia, etc)

The Apps that I use the most for photography are:
Camera/Pictures (of course!) – quick shots/current portfolio display
PhotoGene – very good in-iPhone editing
MagicHour – when I need to know how much longer I have to wait before sunset/sunrise)

I also occasionally use:
CameraBag – image editing
PanoLab – stitch images together
PS Mobile – PS on iPhone
SmugShot – Push images to my website

The iPhone also works as a flashlight in a pinch

Cleaning Cloth
Lens Cleaning Pen
Ball-Point Pen
Infrared Remote Shutter Release
Mini Flashlight
Rubber Bands (1 large/2 small)
Camera lens cover
Reverse Macro ring (49mm)
X-Rite Color Chart
Business Cards
Earbuds (phone calls and music!)
Hot Shoe Level
Carbon Fiber Tripod and Bag (only carry it sometimes, a must have for night/low light walks)

Some of the things that I would like to find a way to carry: (when I find space!)
Sand Bag
Gaffers Tape
Weather Cover for the camera (at least the K20D is sealed)


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