Dailyshoot ds101

Dailyshoot ds101

“There is often a conflict between traditional and contemporary. Make a photo that shows this tension.”

Today’s challenge was one that made me think (and search for items to make this shoot) throughout the day. I immediately thought of the contrast of the iPhone and all of the traditional gadgets that I used to use/carry that it replaces (Phone, pen/paper, camera, paperback book, watch, GPS, PDA, datebook, CDs, DVD, cassettes, portable game units, etc) I’ve even taken it on a trip in lieu of taking a laptop! I sometimes refer to the iPhone as “electronic crack” simply because I use it for so much and and so often. Following is a fraction of the tasks that I use it for everyday…

  • Phone – I use it regularly and when I have good cell coverage, it works very well
  • Email – I use it constantly to check, send and receive email
  • Music – I’ve got a couple thousand of my favorite songs and playlists
  • Calendar – Interfaces with Outlook so I can keep my work and personal calendar’s synced
  • PDA – No more Palm Pilot, Palm Treo, or HP Jornada!
  • GPS – With moving map!
  • Still Camera – it’s a good still camera to use in a pinch
  • Video Camera – Captures decent video and sound
  • Games – My current favorite is Zynga Poker
  • Books – I’m on my 3rd book now, “Under the Dome” using the Kindle Reader
  • Watch/Alarm Clock – I’m about to replace my alarm clock with the iPhone, it works better and has a MUCH better interface
  • Movies – I have about 10 movies in my iPhone at any one time. I can watch them on the screen or connect it to a TV or Projector with the cable that I carry in my camera bag
  • Podcasts – I have over 20 podcasts in my phone to teach me about using Lightroom as well as interviews with famous photographers

Items not mentioned:

  • Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, Y! IM and MSN Messenger
  • Photo Editing – I can take, edit and post images from the phone
  • Posting/updating this blog – I typically post and update in the mornings when I’m on BART
  • Showing my Portfolio and images from my latest shoots
  • Wells Fargo Online Banking
  • Pandora – Music!!!
  • Scanner – Fire, Police, CHP, BART, etc
  • Commuting Schedules – Live BART App


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