DPS Weekend Challenge (Blur)

I decided to participate in the DPS Weekend Photo Challenge since the topic was BLUR.  I had a few shots in mind, but given the time over the weekend, I only had time to produce a couple of the shots I’d envisioned. 

The first shot is a Caltrain Commuter Train in South San Francisco.  I’d hoped to catch the train blur with the reflection of clouds in the  water in the background, but the wind picked up just before the train arrived.  The water was almost like gladd until about 3 minutes before the train arrived, so I only ended up with a shot of the train blur and a bit of water and land. I shot this with an exposure of 1/13th of a second and f/11.  In order to slow the shutter down to that point, I used two ND4 filters as well as a gradient ND filter to keep the sky from being blown out.

Caltrain in South City

The second image is of a set of dice I bought a few weeks ago.  I used the dice to show focal blur by setting a shallow depth of field to blur the forground and background.  I shot this with an exposure of 1/40th of a second and f/1.4.



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